Disney Performance by Lederach Dance Company

Disney Performance by Lederach Dance Company

The Lederach Dance Company (LDC) from Denise Gucwa’s School of Dance (DGSD) in Lederach recently took center stage at Disney World in Florida. Thirty-six girls and their families traveled to Orlando to participate in “Dance the World.” This annual dance festival brings together more than 8,000 dancers from select studios from around the country as well as Canada and Mexico. LDC was honored to be invited based on an audition tape and meeting strict Disney performance criteria.

While LDC has previously performed at Hershey Park and for the 76er’s, this was the group’s first time performing at Disney. “It was truly magical.” said Denise Gucwa, owner and founder of the Lederach Dance Company, “Performing at the greatest stage in the country is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for our dancers and families to share – something they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.”

Upon arrival, LDC members began a five-hour rehearsal with Disney’s cast and crew for the parade performance. The following day, the older dancers danced in the Main Street parade to “Dancin’ In The Streets” and the younger dancers showcased their talents in Hollywood Studio’s electrical parade. The final day, the group performed a 10 minute choreographed piece “Viva Las Vegas” at Hollywood Studios. A gala at Epcot for dancers and their families concluded the festivities, with Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Donald and Goofy on hand, and a VIP fireworks display.

LDC parent Heather Wallace adds, “It literally brought tears to my eyes to see my two daughters dancing down the streets of Magic Kingdom and Hollywood Studios! I remember thinking this is an experience our girls will never ever forget! I am so grateful to Denise Gucwa for allowing them to have such an amazing opportunity!” Dancer, Olivia Nogami adds, “I was so surprised to see so many people watching us dance down the streets of Hollywood Studios! I was so excited to be there, I loved it!”