Class Attire

Wearing the right clothes and shoes to dance class is very important for the growth and safety of our dancers. Please refer to the dance attire and shoes specified for each dance style on the registration site. We suggest articles of clothing and shoes are labeled with the student’s name in order to minimize lost items.


  • Attending class in the correct attire, not only shows respect for our teachers, but indicates that a dancer is ready to focus and learn.
  • Teachers need to be able to see if the body is being held correctly and the right muscles are being used to avoid injury and provide corrections for improvement.  This is why dance students do not wear baggy clothes.
  • Dance shoes are specifically made to support the style of dance being performed. Shoes are a tool to aid in technique and are designed to protect the feet while doing certain movements and should not be worn outside the studio.
  • For safety reasons, all dancers must wear their hair neatly in a bun or ponytail depending on the class. Hair should never be completely down.
  • Chewing gum is not allowed in class.